We organise, coordinate and install regional, national and European advertising campaigns.

Our customers are large and medium-sized companies who want to equip their network of locations (branches, agencies and subsidiaries) with a uniform decoration in the shortest possible time.

Our area of service includes bank branches, insurance agencies, car dealerships, travel agencies, drugstores, pharmacies, fashion stores and sports shops.

We decorate as specified by our customers and advise when creativity is required. There are no limits to the decoration and advertising materials we may install.

Whether it is hanging posters in the appropriate poster carriers, the placement of advertising displays and other decorative items, the attachment of window stickers, ceiling hangers, advertising banners, flags, counter displays, price labels – we decorate everything according to your specifications!

Through the detailed briefing of our decorators, they are very familiar with the respective requirements and wishes of the customers during the rollout. Our intensive internal communication enables us to act flexibly at short notice and to provide customers with rapid feedback on the rollout.

In the planning phase of the decoration service, we create an optimal route plan that includes the most efficient route and the time required on site. If desired, the locations to be approached can be notified in advance by telephone.

At the end of the tour, we create evaluations according to your ideas on the individual situations on site, on the processing quality of the decorative material and, if necessary, on future material requirements.


We organise nationwide and Europe wide rollouts and make use of our tight knitted network of experienced employees. We are familiar with the target-oriented and respectful way of dealing with local chain stores.

Our top priority is uniform implementation according to centrally controlled specifications.

We optimise work processes by means of training and develop an order-oriented plan which enables short execution time.

Our competitive lump-sum price system enable us to offer our major customers an attractive and reliable service. We provide them with expert advice and detailed feedback on the current status of their branch operations.

If required, we also take care of accompanying services such as transport logistics, material control, advice notes and cost monitoring.